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Feng Shui Symbols - Discover what they are and how they can change your life.

If you are inviting Feng Shui into your life, you have to know how Feng Shui Symbols
can work for you. Read on, and you will discover three of the most important ones.

In Feng Shui you will find many symbols that bring good luck and good fortune to you and your home.
Placing these objects in specific areas of your home can bring good luck and prosperity to you and
everybody in your family including your pets.
Note: while some Feng Shui Symbols can be placed almost everywhere you'd like them, some others have
to be placed in certain areas of your home, office or garden. Get a good book about Feng Shui Symbols
or consult a Feng Shui Consultant before you place your Feng Shui Symbols. Symbols placed in the wrong
place can disrupt the harmony of this space and can do actually more harm than good!

1. The Yin-Yang: This symbol is one of the most readily  recognizable of Feng Shui culture.
   The black and white swooshes are connected, with a dot of the   opposite color in each.
   Yin and Yang represent the opposite states of Chi (energy). One cannot exist without the other
   and they must be balanced (i.e. without a night we could not understand what a day is).
2. The Laughing Buddha: The Laughing Buddha is one of the more known Feng Shui Symbols and represents the ultimate symbol
   of happiness in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui Buddha stands for good luck and abundance Feng Shui energy.
   Place a Laughing Buddha somewhere prominent in your home and happy energy of abundance will come to your house or business.
3. The Dragon: The Dragon protects a home from negative energies. The Dragon is one the Feng Shui Symbols of longevity in your home,
   and works especially for the head of the house. The dragon headed Turtle also acts as a powerful symbol of wealth,
   health, prosperity and protection.

There are many more Feng Shui Symbols which can enhance your life and bring you happiness, success, health, wealth and luck.
We just named a few of the more important ones.

More and more people discover the benefits Feng Shui brings into their lifes. If you are interested in experiencing these powerful
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