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Discover the power of Feng Shui Music and surrender to peace and harmony.

Insider secrets on how to balance your home's energy and your health with the power of Feng Shui Music.

Feng Shui Music acts as a bridge to help you to tune in to nature's five elements: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
This music works on elevating and healing listeners with the resonation of sounds characteristic of these five elements.
While soothing you with colorful melodies of bells, wind chimes, bamboo tubes and other Chinese instruments, Feng Shui Music
will also clarify and empower the inner space of your body and is very inspiring and uplifting, as well as beautiful to listen to.
Based on the theories of YI Ching and the five Chinese tones, Feng Shui Music is designed to help people improve their life
through the energy released from music. It creates productive chi circulation in the human body and the living environment.
The combination of these five elements and corresponding tones release a powerful energy that opens the door to a new world of
health, luck and happiness.
The Serpent is associated with the earth elements. Earth is related to kung of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the stomach and spleen.
It is also related to the ken and kun trigrams.
The Dragon is revered to as the god of the east and associated with the element wood. Wood symbolizes spring, growth and plant life.
Wood is also related to the chueh tone which acts on the liver, and zhen and the Sun of the eight trigrams.
The Tortoise is known as the god of the north and associated with water. Water symbolizes winter and water itself, gentle rain or storms.
Water is related to yu of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the kidneys. In the eight trigrams, the kun trigram is assigned to water.
The Phoenix is the god of the south and associated with the element of fire. Fire represents summer, fire and heat.
Fire signifies passion and intuition, and is represented by the jyy tone, which can act on the heart.The fire element is also linked with the li trigram, which signifies beauty, brilliance, and grandeur.
The tiger is associated with the west and associated with metal, which has the characteristics of cleanliness, integrity, and strength.
Metal is associated with shang of the five Chinese tones, which acts on the lungs; it also corresponds with the qian and dui trigrams.

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