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The Feng Shui Gift - Discover what to give to whom and when and why (hint: don't forget yourself).

If you are into Feng Shui or consider getting into it, sooner or later you probably want to give someone a Feng Shui Gift.
But what really is a Feng Shui Gift? Well, if you read on, you will discover some of these magical Feng Shui Gift ideas.

From the holiday season to housewarming gifts, you have an overwhelming number of choices you can buy for that special someone.
A Feng Shui Gift can not only give pleasure today, but they can help boost the Chi or positive energy of a space or person,
making them a gift that gives for years to come. For the person who has everything or striving to make changes in
certain aspects of their life, here are some ideas to buy Feng Shui related Gifts that everyone will love.

3 coins tied with red thread: they symbolise a successful business and should be placed in the wealth sector, on accounts books,
a cash register or in a purse or wallet to attract wealth into someones business and life.
The Feng Shui Tortoise: it is found to bring good Chi to someones home. Tortoises can easily live up to 120 years and are therefore
a symbol of longevity, happiness and harmony. It is also a symbol of protection, wealth, health and prosperity.
When 3 tortoises are stacked on top of each other, they represent the symbol of love among family members.
This Feng Shui Gift is also given in hope of long lasting friendships or relationships.
Crystal balls: they are symbols of the earth element. Crystal balls can create and store energy. Faceted crystal drops create
rainbows when hung by the window. They catch the sunlight and break the light which brings precious Yang energy into the home.
They can also be used to deflect Shar Chi (bad energy) from poison arrows caused by sharp edges of buildings, cabinets and other structures.
Hanging them in your car will bring good fortune while travelling.
Mandarin Ducks: Given as a Feng Shui Gift, they are a symbol for love and romance. Always put the mandarin ducks as a pair and it symbolizes togetherness. 
When you put them as a pair, they will create the kind of Chi (good energy) that is most conducive for lovers who want 
to become or stay married.
These are just a few of the many Feng Shui Gifts available.

As you can see, many people have already discovered the joy and powerful benefits a Feng Shui Gift can bring to someones home or life. If you want to experience these benefits personally, with the added benefit of getting the best price on Feng Shui Gifts, We recommend visiting: Feng Shui Import