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Discover the amazing powers and secrets of the Feng Shui Crystal and attract good fortune into your life and home.

Discover the amazing power of a Feng Shui Crystal to rekindle an existing relationship, attract a new one or enhance a certain area of your home.

Feng Shui Crystals are widely used for specific energy or vibrations they bring to your home or office.
A home with a Feng Shui Crystal placed in certain areas is a home that is benefiting from powerful and natural earth energies.
It is amazing what power a beautiful Feng Shui Crystal can have.
They enhance almost any decor and have the edge on other traditional Feng Shui cures as each crystal has its own energy vibration.
These energy vibrations can be used to great effect in your life.
Example: If you want to attract a new relationship or improve an existing one, Rose Quartz is often used to
attract love and friendship.
The energy of this stone will be even more powerful when it is placed in the relationship area of your room or home,
which in traditional Feng Shui is in the southwest.
It is particularly effective if the Feng Shui Crystal is in the shape of two hearts, a double happiness symbol, or as a pair of mandarin ducks.
They should never be separated as this will bring bad luck.
If you want to enhance an existing relationship they should be placed beside each other, swimming in the same direction.
To attract a new love relationship, the crystal ducks should be arranged as if they are swimming toward one another.
They work extremly well when placed in the relationship area of your bedroom.

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